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Lecture in Athens War Museum on 27/28 November 2015


The Athens War Museum organized a two-day event under the title: ‘Hellenic Art of War – 3000 Years of Greek Warriors’ which took place on 27th and 28th of November 2015. For this reason they invited re-enactors from various cultural associations who brought the glorious times of Hellenic History back to life. The event was under the auspices of the Museum’s Administrative Board, which is composed of eminent historians, and on the first day, entrance was restricted to members of the Hellenic Armed forces as well as Officials and Foreign Dignitaries while on the second day it was open to the general public. The Agema “Leonidas” presented Ancient Warriors, The Associations “Liaros” & “Patras Shooting Club” showed the fighters of the Greek War of Independence and the “Hellenic Army 1940” re-enacting team brought to life the heroes of WWII.


The Museum’s President Birgadier Kaperonis among the re-enactors

The Hellenic Federation of Historical European Martial Arts had the honor to participate in the event and presented the Byzantine Army from 313 to 1462 AD. In my capacity as historical consultant of the Federation, I presented with detail the Byzantine Army and Navy from 313 AD to 1462 AD by introducing parts of the Hellenic military history largely unknown to the general public.


I also underlined that due to the lack of original Byzantine weapon’s manual all reconstructions of Byzantine martial arts are purely subjective and speculative.


Presenting the Byzantine fighters with the aid of Mr Dallas (left)  and Mr. Tampakakis (right)

I would like to thank President Mr. Chrysovalantis Tampakakis and the member of the Board of SC Academy of Hoplomachia Mr. Odysseas Dallas who greatly aided me to enliven my presentation to the Officials and the public with their accurate reconstructions of the arms and armor of a 14th century Byzantine officer and a 10th century Cataphract trooper

The Federation’s General Secretary Mr. George Zacharopoulos spoke about the role of modern HEMA clubs and organizations and the Art’s steady development worldwide and especially in Greece. He also showed the audience the difference between actual combat techniques and cinematic exaggeration


with the Federation’s  Gen. Secretary Mr. G. Zacharopoulos in front of our exhibition of Byzantine weapons

Particularly impressive were the athletes of SC “Academy of Hoplomachia” Andreas Pavlidis and Constantinos Galanis who fought bouts with steel longsword and sword and buckler combination.


Mr. Pavlidis and Mr. Galanis during the weapons demonstration

I would like to thank the President of the War Museum Brigadier Panagiotis Kaperonis and the event organizer Colonel (Art.) Georgios Skaltsogiannis for offering to the Federation and me the opportunity to present to the people a live view of the history of Medieval Hellenism. The War Museum’s Medal that was presented to us after the end of our demonstration is an encouragement to further improve our activities and excel.


The War Museum’s Medal

The Hellenic Federation of HEMA wishes to congratulate the groups of historical studies and re-enactment that presented the armies of other periods of the Hellenic military history


The Hellenic Federation of HEMA at the end of its Presenatation

I also wish to thank Hellenic Federation of HEMA that honored me with its trust to my academic ability and congratulate the participating re-enactment societies for their effort to preserve the Historical Memory of the Nation


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  1. Jeffrey Woodward permalink

    Thank you again!  I really enjoy your articles.Sincerely, Jeff Woodward

    • Thank you for your kind words
      Stefanos Skarmintzos


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