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In June 2011 fed up by the situation that existed in the Greek Living history activities I wrote an article lashing against the monstrosities that passed as living history events in Greece. At that a new promising reenacting club made its appearance. In contrast to the mediocrity that existed this club’s quality work was recognized abroad and lately with slow steps in Greece itself. When the club received vicious “flak” from various jealous people who had really no significant appearance in the Greek living history world I defended the embattled club with an article I posted in May 2013. A year passed and many of the people who appeared “fun circus style” in living history events improved their level of appearance in a significant manner. Things might improve dramatically in the future – who knows?

On the contrary in the club that I got my self involved situation gradually worsened. The club I belonged το,  stopped experimental archaeology project and research and tried unsuccessfully to transform in an athletic club dealing with archery. Or perhaps they thought that a weekend wearing fancy clothes with accommodation provided by the host would be a nice pastime. (High-end tourism) Unscientific assertions with the clubs equipment found their way to the social media negating in a sense all the previous quality work. When I protested the governing body of the club “burrowed under the pillow!”

Walking out peacefully would be one thing but seeing history being rapes by those who claim to defend historical authenticity. After all evil prevails only when decent men refuse to react! The once mighty living history club took part in an archery competition in Turkey. They masqueraded looking like a traveling troop of actors rather than re-enactors showing off in a combination of: chiton/clamys with flip-flops! Their photos are already adorning the Internet. They continued the ridicule by trying to demonstrate the ancient sport of pankration that bare little to their previous quality work. The combination of screaming little children and chitoniskos/sport costume attire was somewhat eccentric!

 κορυβαντες koryvantes helladotrans ελλαδοτρανς

As id this was not enough when their hosts asked them to make an ad hoc reenactment of Alexander’s assault at Granicus the did not have the decency to give a polite refusal as they lacked the necessary equipment the undertook the…mission (sic). Well see the next photo and admire the historical accuracy. Aren’t these Corinthian helmets great? Silly Macedonians didn’t wear them but the guys rectified this!  The archer does not have quiver (to say the least) but trust in his special arrow that probably kill thousands in one shot, thus obliterating the…enemy! Well do I see a Spartan emblem on the shields as if Alexander never have stated “without the Spartans”? What can one say about the caricature of the macedonian phalanx?

 κορυβαντες koryvantes ελλαδοτρανς

A psilos imitating a pike man and an officer that goads the “mighty warriors” forwards as a shepherd goads his animals never read that ancient officers fought first line. The bones of the dead will be rolling in their graves! The funniest of all is the group’s leader is studying archaeology and has knowledge of living history (at least he states so). As for whatever excuses – they are according to a Hollywood film like “anus exits”. Everybody has one!

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  1. Steven Campbell permalink

    Is it wine that I smell or sour grapes?

    • I am always consistent – see the links to previous. As for the drink anyone can choose his poison…


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