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The Hoplomachia Academy at «Constantinia 2014»


The Hoplomachia Academy attended the «Constantinia 2014» festival in Piraeus after the polite invitation of cultural group «Exaleiptron». This year’s event was a tribute to Anna Comnena, the purple-born scholar princess of Byzantium. The work of Anna Comnena was presented to the audience by the theologian Archimandrite father Cyrillos Kefalopoulos and the Byzantinist Mrs. Marina Loukaki. The actor Mrs. Tatiana Papamoschou read excerpts from the “Alexiad”. The historical researcher and student of the Hoplomaxhia Academy Mr. Stefanos Skarmintzos presented reconstructed images of the time in which Anna Comnena lived.


Particularly impressive was the reconstruction by the Academy weapon’s instructor Mr. George Zaharopoulos of a fighter from the famous «Latinikon» regiment of the Byzantine army, who entered the hall in under the sound of a mediaeval marsh applauded by the audience. We thank the President of the Group Mrs. Nana Latsis and all the ladies of «Exaleiptron» for their kind invitation.




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