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Callinos of Ephesos…. a very contemporary poet!


Callinos of Ephesos as an archaic hoplite. Equipment reconstructed from Olympia Museum and shield emblem from exhibit in Athens Museum. 3D image by my friend Kostas Nikellis

Till when you will lay idle? When mighty wrath you will show o young men?

Aren’t you ashamed of the world for such haziness?

You think you live in pieces while war posses the land?

Cast your javelin even with your last breath!

Honorable and true is for the man to fight against the enemy for his land, his beloved wife and for his offspring!

For Death comes at the time decreed by FATE!

But lo! Let him rise with his strong shield and mighty spear charging first into the fray!

For it’s not written (by fate) that man shall evade Death, even if his lineage comes from divine ancestors

Death will find the deserter even later in his home.

But him no friend loves and no woman desires him!

But for the brave lad, whatever befalls him, all people feel sorrow, and everyone mourns the hero’s loss.

While he lives they look upon him in the eyes as if he is a tower, for many great deeds preformed himself!

Fragment from an elegy of Callinos,  as it was preserved in the  «Athology of Stovaius»



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