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The devotees of the authentic Hellenic Equestrian tradition and more…

Many years have passed since our actions that date back to 1980. From then until today we acted at multiple levels as the team passed all stages of development: student life abroad, presentations, partnerships and much more. Even the team fell, rose up again, but stayed always at the ramparts. Finally after so many experiences, a few years ago we essentially decided to research and apply our findings solely on the Thessalian land. To the mountains plains and sea, as they have so much to give us.

Reconstructed Thessalian horseman from the Lapithes Association

Achilles, Jason, Alexander of Pherrae, Polydamas, Centaurs, Lapithes. Here we feel that we must give special attention to the Lapithes, as everyone is talking about Centaurs. The ongoing conflict between Lapithes, and Centaurs according to researchers is the battle between Good and Evil. That is another story that will present in the future. We should not forget Olympus, Pelion, Dolopes, and the Perraivoi, the Thessalian tribes of the Thessalian Amphictiony. Taking all these parameter in to account and with good partners we are moving more basically in what’s called Experimental Archeology, always in good cooperation with archaeologists and scientists that we enrich our effort with important data. The Thessalian land is pioneering the way because significant steps have been taken in Experimental Archaeology as ARGO, the ship of the Argonauts was reconstructed in Thessaly, and Thessalian horsemen were presented in Italy and not only there. We have to thank our friend and partner Stefanos Skarmitzos for his valuable support as a reference in the research on the Thessalian cavalry. We are already in the construction phase of an ancient Greek chariot and in a short time we will present valuable data for friends who have special love for our history.

Mr. T. Sdroulias, president of the Lapithes Association during a presentation

We all know how important our history is, and it’s a way of resistance to all negative things that happen today. Dear friends let us demonstrate the greatness of Greek history and Culture though the ages. We do not just claim it to be so but it is written our History in the beautiful GREEK LANGUAGE.Our group also congratulates all those who in a national and global basis make great efforts to keep the Greek history and heritage alive



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