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KYNEGETIKOS weekend 2012, or Experimental Archaeology goes Hunting


Living History is not only about accurately portraying the past but also trying to gain an insight of the mindset of our ancestors by try to explore their written instructions about life’s activities as they survived till our times. Ideally this should be done with reconstructed clothing and equipment from the ancient times.

Always innovative the Australian re-enactors of  «ANCIENT HOPLITIKON MELBOURNE!» living History Association decide to go hunting in the Australian wilderness having Xenophon’s “On Hunting” as a guide. They donned Ancient Greek clothing took ancient Greek hunting weapons as described by Xenophon but no dogs, as the local law put restrictions in their use.

Their javelins and arrows brought down game, mainly hares and an animal never seen by ancient Greeks, the Kangaroo.  The Australian brothers in Arms proved that Xenophons instruction stand well even in out times and drew useful conclusions on the ancient’s religious connection/cultural /indigenous affiliation to their land.

According to the group’s leader Mr. Athanasios Porporis “if most Ancient Greek Groups do this form of training, it will create closer bonds, increase awareness skills, develop tactics in hunting which can be applied to Hoplomachia” Experimental Archaeology at Work that shows the way that ancient re-nacting should take



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